1969 Ford Mach I

1969 Mach 428 Super Cobra Jet History of the 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 The year 1969 saw the second remake of the Ford Mustang design. Thanks in part of the hiring of Bunkie Knudsen and designer Larry Shinoda from General Motors, the Mustang lineup exploded and the company probably never offered such a range […]

1937 Packard Super 8 Limousine

Joseph Kennedy 1937 Packard 1502 Limousine Location: Detroit VIN #:396799 Engine: Straight 8 319.154 cu in  135HP Transmission:3 Speed Manual Wheelbase:139″ Packard was founded by brothers James Ward Packard , William Doud Packard and his partner George Lewis Weiss in the city of Warren, OH. James Ward believed that they could build a better horseless carriage that […]

1962 Ford Thunderbird Roadster

History of the 1961-1963 Ford Thunderbird Ford followed up the Squarebird’s three-year stint with the restyled “Roundbird” from 1961 to 1963. Technical highlights included an even bigger engine as Dearborn’s FE V-8 was enlarged to 390 cubic inches in ’61. New for 1962 was the optional “M-code” 390, a 340-horsepower V-8 crowned with three Holley […]

2000 Dodge Viper ACR

History of the 1996-2002 Dodge Viper An all-new Dodge Viper bowed in 1996, marking an evolution from a barely tamed brute of a machine to a more usable car than it had been in its first incarnation. Although the second generation Viper looks the same, it’s a very different car underneath. For the Viper’s second […]